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Safaricom Okoa Bundles
Tunukiwa na Safaricom
Stori Ibambe
Safaricom Jingle
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Milele FM Itambe
Milele Reggae
Milele 104.8
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Detrex Jingle
Detrex Kawira Radio Spot
Detrex Aloevera
Detrex Playpen
Detrex Commander
Detrex Price
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Salit Vegetable Oil Jingle
Salit Siri Ndio Hio
Salit Radio Spot
Salit (Swahiba) Radio Spot
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Sawa Handwash
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Koko Brand
Koko Visit an Agent
Koko (Tuma SMS)

Lets Work Together

Whether you’re looking for a classic series of radio spots or an innovative live on-air activation, we’ve got the skills and experience to make it happen. We’ll work our radio magic and have your brand ruling the airwaves in no time. Give us a call today at 0790571678 for a fast quote, and let’s make some radio history together!

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